Five Things You Must Do After A Minor Motorcycle Accident

The sad truth about motorcycle accidents is that immediately after the crash, you're not usually in a state to do much of anything -- from calling the police to taking photos. However, there are motorcycle accidents in which the rider only suffers minor injuries. If you have to be in an accident, this is certainly the type you hope for. As a rider, it's important that you know what to do after you are involved in a minor collision. [Read More]

Answers To Common Auto Accident Questions

The threat of being involved in an auto accident can be an unavoidable part of modern life for anyone that needs to regularly operate a car. If you are to protect your ability to pursue compensation against the party responsible for the accident, you should understand several steps that you may need to take: Why Should You Take Photographs Of Your Injuries? In the hours and days after an auto accident, you may experience significant bruising, swelling or other issues. [Read More]