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3 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Car Accident Law Firm

Car collisions are incredibly common, and while one small fender bender may lead to no injuries, another could leave you with severe long-term complications. Luckily, car accident attorneys will fight on your behalf to get a fair settlement. If you would like to know more, check out these three reasons to consider hiring a car accident law firm.

1. The Other Driver May Try to Blame You

If the other driver claims you were fully or partially responsible for the accident, it can impact your settlement. Most states follow comparative negligence laws, which state that if you are less than half responsible for the accident, you can seek a settlement. Some states require you to be under 51 percent liable, and others require you to be under 50 percent.

A small select handful of states follow contributory negligence laws. These prevent you from collecting any money if you were partially responsible. Regardless of your state, an attorney can better argue and prove the other driver is the one at fault.

2. The Insurance Carrier May Intimidate You

The other driver's insurance carrier will likely contact you after the accident. They may offer a settlement, and if you accept this settlement, you can't sue or file a claim for more money, even if your condition worsens or the doctor discovers new complications/injuries.

Of course, you can reject the settlement, but many insurance carriers use scare tactics to intimidate you into accepting a fast, low offer. They may insist that this could be your only chance to receive any money. If you have an attorney, they will talk with the insurance carrier on your behalf, and they can negotiate a fairer settlement.

3. Your Injuries May Include Long-Term Symptoms

Some injuries lead to long-term complications and symptoms. For example, an injury to your spine could lead to life-long nerve damage or even paralysis. Similarly, you may develop emotional complications after the accident. The accident itself may cause anxiety or PTSD, but physical symptoms, such as paralysis, can also trigger depression and other symptoms.

Your attorney works with the doctor to better understand the extent and severity of the long-term effects. If necessary, they can argue for pain and suffering damages (both physical and emotional) for future necessary treatments and damages.

A car accident law firm can help make you whole again after an accident. Some don't even take payment until you receive your settlement. If you would like to know more, contact a law firm in your area today.