Easing The Litigation Experience

Overcome Your Burn Injury With Professional Legal Guidance

Do you have a severe burn injury caused by a hot substance from a restaurant, such as a local fast food joint? If it's a third-degree burn, you likely have extensive damage to your skin and the tissue beneath it, causing excruciating pain and many days or weeks hospitalized for treatment. Sadly, burn injuries can occur at restaurants when workers are negligent or fail to provide a warning about the temperature of the food or drink given to their customers. Now that you've become a victim of another person's negligence and have suffered because of it, you need personal injury representation.

Can a Victim Sue a Restaurant for a Burn Injury?

Regardless of the restaurant you visited when you sustained the burn injury, whether it's a fast food chain or a local hot spot, you have the right to file a lawsuit against them for negligence. But before you start the legal process, talk to a personal injury attorney to go over the following:

  • The date and time of the incident
  • The type of burn you sustained
  • The specific substance that caused the burn
  • A detailed description of how the substance ended up causing bodily harm
  • Details on how this injury has impacted you since it happened

The personal injury attorney wants to know where you were and what you were doing when the burn injury occurred. The more details you have on the incident, the better it is for your case. For example, you may remember sitting down when a server knocked over a hot cup of coffee on your leg, causing the injury. You should discuss every fine detail you can recall with your attorney.

What Happens After the Initial Meeting with the Personal Injury Attorney?

After you've met with a personal injury attorney and have explained in detail what happened to you, the attorney will dive deeper, collecting any potential evidence, such as surveillance footage of the incident and medical records that clearly explain your burn injuries in depth. During this time, the restaurant and its owner would be served with papers informing them of the pending lawsuit. 

An attorney will determine the overall value of your specific claim and help you pursue that amount from the negligent party, hoping to settle for an amount you would agree upon rather than going through long court proceedings. While compensation isn't guaranteed, your personal injury attorney will consistently work toward helping you get what you're entitled to because of your suffering.

Contact a personal injury attorney for more information.