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Understanding The Differences Between Truck And Car Accidents

If you have been involved in an accident with another vehicle, determining liability and getting compensation depends on whether it was a car or a big truck. Accidents involving two cars are straightforward. Police determine liability, and then the at-fault party and their insurance company pay for damages. However, accidents involving a truck are more complex; hence, the need to hire a truck accident lawyer is necessary. Here is a look at the differences between truck and car accidents.

Understanding the Causes

One of the biggest differences between truck and car accidents is finding out the root cause of the crash. Car accidents are mainly caused by human error. Truck accidents are typically caused by a range of factors that make it difficult for the driver to stop abruptly or make a proper turn.

In many cases, truck accidents occur due to equipment failure. The driver and truck company should perform checkups to prevent a malfunction. Sometimes a manufacturer defect can be the cause of the equipment failure. 

Since the cause of a truck accident will vary, you need an experienced truck accident lawyer to delve into the cause of the crash. Your lawyer will analyze the trucking logs, the driver's record and training and license, and the truck company's safety records. This process of gathering evidence is fairly complex, especially when compared to a car accident case.

Truck Drivers Are Governed by Federal Law & Commercial Regulations

While the drivers of ordinary cars must comply with state traffic laws, truck drivers must abide by both traffic laws and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). Interpreting the FMCSRs is crucial in determining liability in truck accidents. 

For example, truck drivers should have special licenses and comply with commercial driving manuals. Additionally, truck drivers should be trained using industry-wide policies. Your lawyer will obtain these licensing requirements and industry policies and use them to compile evidence against the at-fault party.

Why Are Truck Accidents More Critical Than Car Accidents?

Truck accidents cases have unique features that car accidents don't have. For instance, more evidence is required in these cases. This is due to the strict regulations governing the trucking industry.

Additionally, there are many parties that may be held responsible for a truck accident. Apart from the truck's driver, you can blame the trucking company for your injuries and losses. Since the trucking company will have a team of high-profile lawyers, you will need an experienced truck accident lawyer to build a strong case and ensure you are fairly compensated.

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