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What Makes Truck Accidents So Much Worse?

When it comes to vehicle accidents, some situations can lead to a greater level of damage. While life without these huge haulers would be difficult to imagine for the goods they bring us, they can also be dangerous. To find out about a few of the many things that make accidents involving large trucks so much worse than the norm, read on.

They Are Huge

These big trucks are capable of hauling heavy loads for long distances, and that means the truck and trailer have to be heavy to handle the weight. Any time a smaller vehicle is involved in a collision with a larger vehicle, damage and injuries multiply. Big trucks, however, are many times larger than even the largest passenger vehicles on the road.

They Sit High

Drivers are situated a great deal higher than a passenger car and that benefits them in numerous ways. While these truck drivers can certainly see things you cannot, they may also be more likely not to notice smaller vehicles around them.

Drivers Get Tired

The trucking industry never seems to have enough drivers to fill the vacancies. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused severe shortages in many fields including truckers. That means truckers must drive greater distances and work even more hours. While this industry is controlled by restrictions on how much time they can be on the road, no one can dispute that truckers can and do drive while exhausted.

Distractions Are Everywhere

Truck drivers are faced with similar distractions as those in passenger cars. Drivers are expected to keep in touch with dispatch offices for updates, get driving directions, and more. They also have navigation units, radios, and more than can distract them. In addition, they may need to eat while also driving.

Loads Can Be Shifty

In some cases, loads in the trailer area may not be properly secured and could shift. That can cause the truck to become unbalanced and flip or jackknife on the road – often taking passenger vehicles with it.

Trucks May Be Poorly Maintained

Trucks can be owned by single owners, or they can be the property of a company, and they require regular maintenance to ensure that the steering, brakes, and other important components operate as they should.

What To Do

Your accident with a big rig might result in more damage to both your vehicle and you. Severe injuries are possible and some may impact you for the remainder of your life. Don't try to deal with a big truck accident on your own. Speak to an auto accident attorney that deals with big rigs, and have them investigate the trucking company, the driver, and the accident thoroughly.