Easing The Litigation Experience

Why You Should Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney To Represent You

One of the first things you should do when you're riding your motorcycle and become involved in an accident is to immediately contact a motorcycle accident attorney. You should not call your insurance company first before speaking to an attorney. Any statements you make to your insurance company following an accident can be used against you by the insurance company. Allow your motorcycle accident attorney to assume the responsibility for answering questions posed by your insurance company.

Attorney Communicates Directly With Insurance Company

Your attorney, who is now representing you, will communicate directly with the insurance company. Your insurance company might still call you and may even try bullying you into answering questions. In response, all you have to do is take notes about what the company representative says to you and obtain the name of the agent's supervisor. Turn over the information you just collected to your attorney.

Insurance Adjuster's Role

You may very well have the best insurance coverage that's available. Just remember that after an accident, it's the insurance adjusters who will be gathering a lot of information from you. An adjuster's goal is to ultimately prevent the insurance company from paying out a large settlement amount to you, and you could very well deserve a large settlement.

Your Attorney Fights For Fair Settlement

Your attorney, on the contrary, fights for your rights to obtain a just and fair settlement offer. Never agree to a settlement with the insurance company before your attorney sees the settlement document. He or she will examine the document and make a decision that's in the interest of your claim.

Evidence That Boosts Your Claim

The success of your accident claim is dependent on provable evidence that the accident was caused by the fault of another motorist. Your attorney will be seeking evidence that you may have collected from bystanders and other witnesses at the accident scene. Medical documentation is a must. Remember to save your copy of the police report that is handed to you. It also helps when you're in possession of pictures taken at the accident scene. Pictures depicting angles of damage on your motorbike and also the defendant's vehicle provide valuable information about who is at fault in the accident. Other valuable information emerges from forensic inspection at the accident site.

Working For A Just Compensation

Be assured that your motorcycle accident attorney works to ensure that you receive compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering and medical care. Most motorcycle accident attorneys only bill you for services rendered when you've obtained a settlement in the case. If you lose the case, then their contingency contract clause kicks in, and there is no cost to you.