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Five Things You Must Do After A Minor Motorcycle Accident

The sad truth about motorcycle accidents is that immediately after the crash, you're not usually in a state to do much of anything -- from calling the police to taking photos. However, there are motorcycle accidents in which the rider only suffers minor injuries. If you have to be in an accident, this is certainly the type you hope for. As a rider, it's important that you know what to do after you are involved in a minor collision. After you thank your lucky stars that you're okay, do these five things.

1. Move away from the road.

If you can get up and walk without too much pain, move to a safer place such as the side of the road or a bench next to the road. Do not leave the scene; you'll need to talk to police. Just remove yourself from a vulnerable place in the middle of the road so you don't get hit again.

2.  Make sure everyone else is okay.

Once you're certain that you are relatively okay, check to make sure everyone else who was involved is also okay. Call 911 immediately if anyone needs medical attention. Check on people inside vehicles, too. Just because their vehicles are bigger than yours and you were not hurt does not mean they're not injured.

3. Take pictures, if possible.

If you have your smartphone and can do so safely, take as many pictures as you can of the scene. This will come in handy later on, as you may need proof of whose fault the accident was. Take pictures of your bike, especially, so that you can prove to your insurance company that the damage is the result of the accident.

4. Seek medical attention.

Even if you are certain that you're okay or just a little scraped up, head to the emergency room or urgent care center and get checked out for injuries. There have been many cases in which people have thought they were fine after accidents, only to wake up with debilitating pain the next day. You'll have an easier time gaining compensation for any injuries if you start creating a medical paper trail immediately following the accident.

5. Contact an attorney.

If everything goes well between your insurance company and the other driver's insurance company, you may not end up using you attorney's services. Still, it's best to contact someone early on and make them aware of the details of your case so that if you have trouble collecting on damages. They can speak to the insurance company and, if needed, file a civil case on your behalf.

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