Easing The Litigation Experience

Seeking Compensation for an Accident on a Friends' Boat

A relaxing cruise with a friend on a boat sounds like an awesome idea. However, when the day ends with injuries, things can quickly go downhill. While it might not be the most comfortable experience if you were injured while on a friend's boat, you might have the option to seek compensation.

Put Friendliness Aside

When you call someone your friend, it means you have a close relationship and care deeply about the other person. You'd never want to see your friend hurt, so the idea of seeking compensation for any injuries you received from the accident sounds uncomfortable. 

Immediately toss this idea out of your head. The reality is that you're injured, and you have expenses as a result. More importantly, you'll likely be seeking compensation from an insurance company, not the individual. Additionally, as you move forward, maintain a certain level of privacy when it comes to your injuries and medical care. Don't discuss these details with your friend. 

Examine Negligence

How easy it is for you to recover losses for any medical expenses, missed time from work, and other costs has a lot to do with negligence. Driving while under the influence and not paying attention to dangerous marine conditions are scenarios defined as negligence behavior. 

On the other hand, intoxication or not following safety protocol on your part can cause you to be found negligent for your injuries. However, keep in mind; assigning negligence is not always necessary. Even if the accident wasn't brought on by negligence, the fact that your friend is the owner of the boat assigns a great deal of responsibility to him or her. 

Investigate Ownership

It's always a good idea to find out who the actual owner of the boat is because it helps you pinpoint who is responsible for the accident. Take a boat fire that was caused by faulty wiring, for instance. Your friend might have invited you on the boat, but he or she might be a member of a charter club that allows them to rent various vessels. 

In this instance, if you were burned, the faulty wiring would be to blame, and therefore, you'd probably need to turn your interest towards the charter company, since they are responsible for maintenance. 

To determine what to do with your claim, it's best to speak with a boat accident lawyer. Do not try and assess your claim yourself. An attorney will examine the specifics of your case and help you move forward in the best possible path.