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Get In A Mentally And Physically Traumatic Accident At Work? What To Know

If a horrific and terrifying accident occurred while you were at work, and you are suffering from both physical and mental trauma, and you may never be able to work again, you have to start communicating with a lawyer. If you aren't sure if you'll ever be able to recover from what happened to you, and you are scared to leave the house or do anything, it's time to meet with an attorney to talk about compensation and future financial concerns. These are some of the things that you want to know.

What is the Possibility of Recovery?

Get a written statement from your medical professionals that state the condition that you have, how long you've been dealing with it, and what the possibility is for recovery. You want to know if you will ever be the same physically, if you will have mental health or mental stability issues because of the trauma, and if these things will prevent you from being able to work in the future. If you will have a lifetime of PTSD, damaged limbs and more, you'll need to reach out to get help.

Can You Get a Settlement?

A financial settlement may be very obtainable through the legal process, or even by settling outside of court. The lawyer will look at all of the physical and mental trauma you went through, along with what you have in front of you, and then determine if you will qualify for a settlement. This may be be needed to get you through your lifetime if you can't work, and if you can't go back to work anytime soon. You may be able to get workers' compensation for the time being.

Is Social Security Likely?

You may need to apply for Social Security or disability much earlier in life than you had originally planned because of the trauma that you are dealing with and because of the accident that happened at work. Talk with your lawyer to discuss what would happen if you had to apply for either of these benefits and to see if you could get your application approved.

Once you have figured out all of these details with your attorney you will be able to get a better handle on your financial future and what is going to happen because of the accident that happened from you. Get in contact with a personal injury lawyer right away to find out more.