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Has Your Child Been Injured In A Car Accident? Why You Need To Hire An Attorney Right Away

Summer is here, which means your kids will be busy having fun. Some of that fun might include traveling places with family friends. Unfortunately, accidents can happen during the summer, especially out on the busy highways. If your child has been injured in a car accident while traveling with family friends, you'll need to make sure they receive the care and attention they need. You'll also need to hire an attorney who has experience dealing with automobile accidents involving children. You may think that since you're friends with the driver that you won't need legal assistance. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Here are just four of the reasons you're going to need an attorney for your child's automobile accident.

You'll Need Help Arranging Their Medical Care

If your child was severely injured in the accident, you're going to need help arranging for their medical care. Insurance companies aren't always eager to spend money on medical treatment, especially if they can find a way to avoid it – which they usually do. That's where your attorney can come in handy. They can step in and help you get the care that your child will need to recover from their injuries.

You'll Need Help Getting Their Bills Paid

While your child is receiving medical care, you're going to start receiving bills for that care. If you have health insurance, you may think that you can just turn those bills over to your provider. However, once your insurance learns that the bills are related to an automobile accident, they may not cover the charges. That means those bills are going to come right back to you. An experienced vehicular accident attorney will help you get those bills submitted to the right insurance company.

You'll Need Help Negotiating with the Insurance Company

When it comes to accidents involving children, insurance companies usually want to settle as soon as possible. That's because they know that children could have lasting issues related to the injuries, and they want to settle up before the injuries end up costing them more in the long run. Before you agree to a settlement that is much less than your child deserves, make sure you consult with an attorney first.

You'll Need Help with Their Settlement

The courts are very strict when it comes to insurance settlements for children under the age of eighteen. If your child receives a sizable insurance settlement, it will need to be placed into a restricted account until they reach the age of eighteen. Your attorney can help you arrange for a restricted account so that everything is done correctly.

If your child has been injured in a car accident, you're going to need an attorney right away. Your attorney will work to ensure that your child's is handled properly.