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What Defines Criminally Negligent Vehicular Driving Offenses?

Most car collisions are generally true accidents. The prevalence of cell phones has increased road dangers like texting while driving, causing many municipalities to aggressively charge motorists with citations for negligence. If you cause an accident that leads to seriously bodily injury, and authorities believe that the collision could have been prevented, you might be brought up on criminally negligent motorist charges. In order to prevent having your reputation ruined, you have to hire a criminal defense attorney who can explain your actions in a legal setting.

Roadside Accident Citations

When an accident occurs and it becomes apparent that either you or the other party does not have the ability to safely drive away, the police should always be called. Having the contact information of a criminal defense attorney on standby can also be helpful in these types of scenarios. Normally, criminally negligent drivers are cited at the scene of the accident before formal charges are filed. In short, it is best to calmly explain your side of the story and document the events leading up to the accident so that an accurate and detailed report can be created.

Criminal Charges Related to Driving Offenses

If it is found that you were texting while driving, speeding, operating your vehicle erratically or evading police at the time of a collision, you should anticipate being questioned, arrested and charged with various driving related offenses. These types of charges can cause you to permanently lose your driving privileges and perhaps even be imprisoned. As such, hiring a criminal defense attorney is likely your best hope for retaining your personal freedoms.

Serious Injury and Death As a Result of Negligent Driving

Being involved in an accident and having your car totaled is one of the worst feelings a driver can experience, but there are far worse things that can occur as a result of an auto wreck. According to USA Today, in excess of 35,000 drivers and passengers lost their lives as a result of motor vehicle accidents in 2017 alone. These accidents include drunk drivers as well as distracted and negligent motorists. If someone passes away as a result of injuries sustained in a wreck that you are believed to be the cause of, very serious criminal charges may be soon to follow.

The driver education courses that you took back in high school were designed to teach you to obey the rules of the road and avoid collisions, but they couldn't help you to prepare for every real world driving scenario. Take a defensive driving course that will teach you to always stay alert and reactive while driving.