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How Can An Auto Accident Lawyer Help You Seek Justice For A Deceased Partner?

Did you recently lose your significant other in a tragic, horrific car accident? If you don't know exactly how it happened, but you know another driver caused the accident and was arrested at the scene, there is a good chance the other driver was speeding, distracted while on the road, or possibly even under the influence. Now that you've suffered an unimaginable tragedy caused by someone else who was sharing the road with your significant other, you may not know what to do. In addition to making funeral arrangements, you should reach out to an auto accident law firm.

Why Is It Best to Contact a Law Firm?

Right now you're likely grieving the loss of someone you love so much, but that doesn't mean the other driver who caused the accident has the right to get out of this terrible situation. It's important to start getting to the bottom of the accident and finding out what really caused it to happen in the first place. You need to find out more information on what caused your significant other to pass away on that terrible day.

Professional auto accident lawyers work on these types of cases and take them seriously. They want to find out what caused the accident and they want to help their clients hold someone accountable. Holding someone accountable for their bad decisions is the best way for you to get some sort of justice and compensation for everything you've gone through.

What Happens After Reaching Out to the Law Firm?

After explaining your situation to someone at the law firm, an auto accident attorney may take on your case and get straight to work. There are numerous things the lawyer will work on finding out, including:

  • What was the blood alcohol concentration level of the other driver?
  • Is there evidence to suggest the other driver was texting or on the phone?
  • What did the skid marks on the road look like?
  • Is there any surveillance footage of the impact or the moments before the impact?
  • Did anyone see the accident?
  • What did the deceased individual pass away from?

Finding out this type of information requires a lot of research. The lawyer will need to contact local authorities, speak to witnesses, get in touch with forensic engineers who can review skid marks, and even review health records of the deceased individual to find out exactly what caused the death to occur, such as blunt force trauma, traumatic aortic disruption, or something else.

The purpose of finding out all this information is to build a case against the person who was responsible for the accident. You may want to file a lawsuit against them due to the insufferable loss you've experienced. It may take time for the lawyer to build a case because of all the different aspects that will go into it, but the auto accident lawyer will focus on helping you get justice for your loved one. Contact a firm, like Law office of H. Sammy Rihan, for more help.