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Dashing Through The Snow: Holiday Auto Accident Dangers And How To Prevent Them

It is that time of year again. No, not holiday time, well, yes, but really it is auto accident time. In fact, the biggest number of accidents all year occur starting with the first snowfall. Those legendary, fifty-two car pile-ups?  Most of them happened in winter.

Yup, if you are dashing through the snow, you are guaranteed to get into an accident, or someone else is guaranteed to hit you, and then your auto accident attorney has to sort it out for you. Here are few ways to prevent the accident on your side so that if you are involved in a car accident lawsuit, it will be against another driver, and not against you.

Leave at Least Thirty Minutes Sooner

Light to medium snowfall or freezing rain means you need an extra thirty minutes added to your usual travel time. This stuff is fairly treacherous, and you will have to slow down to stay on the road. If you are going out in a blinding blizzard, you best add at least an hour, and drive as slowly and as safely as you can. Just let those four-wheel-drive trucks whiz by you; you will see them in a ditch later.

Put Your Snow Tires On

Do not just put snow boots on your own feet. Put snow tires on your car too. Some people also put on snow chains if the roads are especially bad, but that tends to be overkill, and then you just have to take them off again on plowed and cleared streets. When your vehicle is ready for road conditions, there is no way you can slide all over the place or slam into another driver. Your wheels will grip the road.

No Rubber-Necking Past an Accident

Without a doubt, you will see your fair share of accidents on the roads in winter. Cars and trucks both will end up in ditches and rear-ending others because they could not stop on time. Of course, people who "rubber-neck," that is, those who slow way down to check out the accident, only add to the problem when drivers behind them are moving too fast. As interesting as an accident might be, keep driving and focusing on the road ahead.

No Inattentive Driving

Do not be looking at your phone, messing with the radio, drinking coffee, or trying to put on makeup in your car with the snow falling outside! If you are doing any of these and get into an accident, there will be plenty of witnesses that saw you not paying attention to the road, and then your lawyer cannot help you. White-knuckle drive instead, and then you will not be doing anything that will get you into an accident.