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Elderly Parent In A Minor Car Accident? A Car Accident Attorney Will Be Beneficial

If your elderly parent is driving and involved in a minor car accident, you likely need to take matters into your own hands and help them. Because your parent is elderly they may be confused as to what they should do. Even if you do not think you will have problems, you should still contact a car accident attorney to help you. Below is information about how they can do this, as well as injuries your parent may have received from the accident:

Call an Accident Attorney

In most cases, a minor car accident is handled quickly and with no problems. Because your parent is elderly, however, the other driver may automatically blame them for the accident even if they were not at fault. This is especially true if they are very old, such as over 80. Because your parent was driving the car, they obviously have a legal driver's license and have no problems driving.

The car accident attorney can determine who was at fault so they can show this proof to your parent's insurance company. They may want to hire an accident reconstruction expert to also help in this case. The provides further proof of the cause of the accident. This also helps the insurance company if the other driver's insurance companies lay blame on your parent.

Injuries Your Parent May Receive

Your parent may still suffer from injuries even if the accident was minor. This is especially true if they have had previous surgeries in the past. For example, it can cause the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to pull in your parent's back or neck. If the other driver hit your parent from behind, they may tense their hands on the wheel and cause muscle injury in their arms. Your parent may also have been pushed forward and then back causing muscle strain.

Your parent may not feel pain directly after the accident but soon after. If so, take them to their doctor immediately and explain to the doctor what has happened.

Because your parent is older it will take more time for them to recover, which is why their insurance company can make the other driver's insurance pay for their medical bills. An attorney will ensure this will happen.

An accident attorney can tell you much more about how they can help your parent in a situation like this. You will first meet them for a consultation, and this may be free. The attorney will look over the paperwork to help them determine if they can help you.

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