Easing The Litigation Experience

How An Auto Accident Lawyer Makes Life Easier

After an auto accident, you may be on the fence about hiring an auto accident attorney. Will it be helpful, or should you go it alone? Here are some things to know.

An Auto Accident Lawyer Simplifies Communication

With a great lawyer, you can expect your communication needs to be greatly reduced. You won't need to file your own insurance claims, for example. You won't spend time pulling teeth by talking with the other driver. In fact, the attorney will likely send a statement to the insurance company saying all communication should go through them.

Aside from saving you time on the phone, this will also serve an important purpose for your case. The insurance company might otherwise try to get you do give a statement, which they can use to later refute portions of your insurance claim. They could ask you to sign away rights to access your medical records, and then they might dig through the records to try and prove that your injuries were related to earlier health problems. Negotiations directly with an insurer are tricky if you've never been through them before. Auto accident attorneys take away that stress of potentially doing something wrong at every turn.

They Provide Legal Counsel

That brings up another point. You won't need worry, should you be posting that on social media? How will your camping trip look to an insurer? Is there a deadline on getting medical treatment or fixing your car? All of those questions can be answered by your auto accident lawyer, who is there to be a resource for you.

They Set Up Medical Liens

One of the big headaches of an accident is getting your medical bills paid for. Attorneys take away a lot of this stress as well. Using medical liens, the attorney will set up holds on your medical bills until the settlements been received. You shouldn't have to pay out of pocket for treatment when you have a lawyer.

They Get More Money

Not feeling up to playing hardball? Leave the negotiation of a final settlement with the insurance company to an auto accident lawyer. It is a fairly common practice for insurance adjusters to try and pay you the minimum that they think you'll accept for your injuries and damages. That's their job. A lawyer will make sure that doesn't happen to you, thereby lightening your load as you recover from your accident.