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Charged With A Crime? 4 Things You Need To Do Before You Sit Down With Your Attorney

If you've been arrested, and charged with a crime, your most important meeting will be the one with your criminal defense attorney. Your attorney will be responsible for representing you in court. In order to do that properly, your attorney is going to need your help. Without your input, your attorney will not be able to defend you against the case that the prosecution will present. Before you sit down with your attorney, you'll need to prepare yourself for the meeting. Here are four things you'll need to do before that first appointment:

Write Down Everything You Remember

When you sit down with your attorney, they're going to want details about the events leading up to your arrest. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remember those details when you're sitting in an attorney's office. That's why it's important that you write down everything you remember about the events. Include all dates, times, and locations about every important detail you can remember.

Provide a Witness List of People Who Can Help Your Case

In addition to the details about the events, your felony lawyer is also going to need the names of people who might have witnessed the events. Your attorney will want to speak to people who might have been present at the time officials say you committed the crime. You should also include people who were with you at the time the crimes were to have been committed. This is particularly important if you didn't commit the crimes you're being charged with. Those witnesses can provide you with an alibi when your attorney is trying to defend you in court.

Bring Copies of Your Important Papers

Before your attorney can begin working on your defense, they'll need to have all the papers regarding your arrest. Make copies of all the papers you've been provided, and place them in a file. Bring them with you to the first appointment you have with your attorney. The papers you'll need to bring include the charging documents, probable cause affidavit, order to appear, and your bond documents.

Be Prepared with Questions for Your Attorney

If you're facing criminal charges, you probably have a lot of questions. However, you might not remember to ask them when you sit down with your attorney. To make sure you get the answers you need, be prepared to ask those questions when you arrive at your appointment. The best way to do that is to prepare a list of questions that you want to ask. Keep a journal of the questions you want to ask, and bring it with you to your appointment. You'll be able to write down the answers in your journal.

Now that you've been charged with a crime, you need to seek legal representation as soon as possible. The information provided here will help prepare you for your first meeting with your defense attorney.